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my friends, beautiful and proud
made at…

Let's begin with my speciallíty - a long and unneccessary explanation that no one will read...
The girls depicted here are humanized characters who were originally horses in the movie I got them from. It is an old animated movie titled "The humpbacked horse", made in the Soviet Union back then, and as far as I know, it's based on a fairytale written by Pyotr Pavlovich Yershow. Wish I could have read that as a book at some point; my grandma and mom are both grown up in GDR, former Soviet crew zone, and hence both are grown up with a certain soviet influence and handed me over a bunch of russian fairytale books, but this one I only knew as a movie.

In the movie, the young Ivan is told by his older brothers to guard the field because it seems to be trampled down every now and again. At night, a shining white horse comes down from the sky, with a mane like star light (depicted by the girl on the far right), and races over the fields. Ivan manages to catch it and befriends it. The white horse says: "You are very courageous, young friend, for which you shall be rewarded. Let me go, and I will give you two of the most beautiful horses, strong and fast and beautiful as no one has ever seen." These two horses are black with golden manes (depicted by the two girls in the middle; I made them look like dancers because the horses in the movie move so gracefully, like they are dancing with each step).
"Also, Ivan, I shall give you a magic horse, small it is and with long ears. It does not live up to the others in beauty, but it has a fur like silk. Treasure it, never give it away. The other two sell, if you wish, but not the magic one." (This little magic horse I depicted by the girl on the far left. She's not humpbacked as the horse in the movie is, but she pretty much wears the right colours.)
The white horse leaves, and Ivan finds a best friend in the magic horse that speaks and is often a wise councellor. The other two horses are bought by the Tsar, however, he takes Ivan as his equerry to the court, so Ivan is still around them. Being still a young boy far away from home, he feels lonely and often seeks the company of his horses, caring well for them and sometimes singing to them in the evening. That's where I got the title from; Ivan sings: "My friends, beautiful and proud, you race faster than the wind - but the most I love you", here he turns to the little horse, "you are closer to my heart."
Ivan has to face some adventures, the former equerry that is jealous of Ivan's position and denounces him before the Tsar, catching and befriending a firebird, having a talk with a whale who is to bring Ivan a ring from the bottom of the ocean, finding the daughter of the sun who is a beautiful princess that the Tsar wishes to wed. However, in the end, the Tsar who had constantly listened to the bad council of the old equerry and went gradually cruel towards Ivan is punished for his deeds, and it is Ivan whom the princess chooses for her groom. And quite a bit of his happiness, Ivan thanks to his loyal friend, the little humpbacked horse.
Ydnel - Noduriel meets Equenda
made at…

A picture that belongs to this one I've made before - it's the same couple, the young nobles Noduriel and Equenda, at their first meeting, somewhere in the streets of the city. Equenda is in her riding breeches. The jacket she wears is actually not the colour a noblewoman would usually wear, it's too light. But I imagine it's some fair leather. And it's pretty in my opinion... Noduriel is smitten by her and a bit baffled. Because they are from rivalizing noble houses, they have never met in person but were always told that each from the other family is the worst piece of crap, and now Noduriel meets Equenda and finds her being sassy, clever, with a good humour, charming and beautiful. Their parents won't be too delighted to find out Romeo fell for Juliet...

Oh, by the way, the world of Ydnel where they live and all that is around it belongs to Arrelline. I'm just having fun on her playground.
Cake Dresses 10
made at…

A few of those are from one of Doll-Maker-Domain's earliest challenges, making dress designs dress designs based of cakes, a few I chose myself:

1st dress inspired by:… - yep, it looks weird. I was in the mood for something weird. Success then!
2nd dress inspired by: Huh, where did I take that from? I could swear I have already seen the cake on Deviantart somewhere... oh well. The dress turned out nice.
3rd dress inspired by:… - Isn't it lovely? I just had to make a dress of that cake, it looks so elegant and sophisticated.
4th dress inspired… - something very girly with lace and flowers. Except the wreath is not my best, but I like the rest.
Shame on me, shame on my cow - wait, what was this about? Ah, right: I wanted to write my Thanael story again, I kinda promised it, but now I cannot keep it. Again. Sigh.

Get it to the point, girl!

The thing is, I thought I'd have time until july or august until the guy comes back to country in whose apartment I currently live. Now it turns out he's coming back next month, then I'll need to have a new place to stay. I'm quite freaked out right now, I'm in panic and I really need to focus on finding a new flat immediately. Gosh, how many times have I moved within the last 2 years? I'm so tired of it. So tired of nomading. I want a home, I finally want to have a home again. Comfort me. 

Blah, blah, blah... what a sissy you are! Stop whining and start finding some guts!

I'm really trying. I'm on it. But it means that I have to defer all my projects again. A bunch (really big bunch!) of picture series I wanted to go on with, a collection of recipes I wanted to try and cook, books I wanted to read, my plan to have a first own take on a cosplay costume - all those are "things for later" again. It grieves me, but it has to be. The time when I have to move is exactly the time when my seminars at university start again, so I'll be entirely out of mind in a few weeks. I already am. I think I've fainted. 

There was something more with the pictures, wasn't it?

Yes. I was wondering - just wondering - why no one asked a request by me. I offered them as prices in the challenges of doll-makers-domain.deviantart.… but so far, none of the winners has asked me for one. I mean, right now, it would not be timely anyway, but I'm asking out of pure interest, there is nothing mean about it. Is it just because no one cares for a picture request? Because, that would be alright with me, but then there would be no point in offering them. Or is it because the winner's didn't notice? Just write me, I'd really like to know.

Also, something that I noticed: Commentary culture here on Deviantart is kinda receding. I noticed that many people (including, but definitely not only me) have some pictures up that have dozens and dozens of favorites but only one or two comments or no comments at all. The thing is, favorites are nice and all, but they don't say much. Like a "thumb up", they are a well-meant praise, but a comment often means much more to the artist (again, I'm not talking about me here - what I'm doing I would not call arts at all!) So I encourage you to take a look at your favourites and give a few more comments. Artists like them. Tell them what they are doing really good, tell them what they still could improve. They grow due to fair critics, everyone does.

And now, let's get over to this weird challenge they call "life". Let's do this!

Yeah, let's do this! I'm going to find my mind again, find a new place again and get myself together. Greetings to all my acquaintances and friends out there and very please forgive me for defering again. I'm on it, I swear.

Head over heels right into the things! LEEEEROOOY JENKINS!

:o (Eek) ...sometimes, not even I get what's going on with my second thoughts.


Eolewyn1010's Profile Picture
I've moved to Berlin and am studying history and archaeology right now. Hope I'll go to dig in some country's old sands and find an old tomb of don't-know-yet-whom. Guess I'll write a book about it then... I love writing, even though it's a quite seasonal thing with me. Long phase of writing is always followed by a long phase of blockade eventually. I am more of a singer than an artist, so I have less to show here than the most of you. But hey, I'll give my very best! At using doll makers... ah well. I just cannot draw. A few years from now, I shall be an even nerdier little archaelogeek with some examina and still not life-proficient. I have my head somewhere between clouds and books and pretty old artefacts...


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