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Love has many faces by Eolewyn1010 Love has many faces by Eolewyn1010
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Is it? Yes, it is! A FPK picture, can you believe it? I cannot. I wanted to start this again since november, but I honestly couldn't bring up any time. So, this kinda feels like a "back to the roots", because Amerri and Ravenna (character of Candy-Cane-xo) belonged to the first things I ever did on Deviantart. And it goes with a bit of story. Happy Valentine's Day!

"What the... Amerri?" Ravenna rushed into the tower chamber. Amerri looked up, her doll face a maximum level of innocent and cute. "Yes?" Ravenna lifted her wings and hissed. "What in the name of chaos have you done to my dress?"
Her friend smiled sweetly and shrugged. "I just thought you could give it a try. Celebrating the day, you see?" Holding the dress an arm's length before her, Ravenna grumbled: "Petal pink does not go well with me."
Amerri shrugged again. "Blood red does", she commented. She still had her doll smile up. Ravenna wondered whether she should hit her or hug her. Letting go an annoyed sigh, she put on the dress. Then she turned to Amerri. "And? Satiesfied?" Amerri's face was a july sun. "You look beautiful!" She minced over to Ravenna and put a crown of red and pink flowers onto her head.
"You're such a dolly", Ravenna annotated. "Oh, by the way, what's that with the flowers?" Amerri looked to the flower bouquet. "Thomas gave me this...", she began, but Ravenna shoock her head. "No, I meant those before the door. Wait a second."
She slipped out for a moment and immediately came back, two rather strange bouquets in her arms. "Are those from Thomas, too? I kinda doubt it... oh..." She beheld the dimmed and pale colours, the sea grass that bundled up flowers that originally grew in the deepest seas, far from the light. "This one is for me, that is yours", she said and handled the bouquet with the great pink coral over to Amerri.
The girl was quite astonished. "Who brought these?" Ravenna did not answer though she had an idea. In her bouquet, there was a little note on paper.
"Don't misunderstand this, it's just a gesture of politeness. And besides that, a good way of giving a message. I'm alright, and the army is breaking asunder. The empress has not much longer control over her soldiers, many have taken flight following my example. Whatever you want to do in Rothere, you should maybe do it soon - when the army is uprising, they will turn towards the castle, and then hell breaks loose. Keep Amerri safe."
Ravenna smiled. She had not heard of Aguanin since he had abandoned the Empress and his squad to desert the war. It was kinda good to hear of him.
"Why this coral?", Amerri interrupted her thoughts. "You don't have one like that."
"That is a gift habit in the western tribes of ocean nomads", Ravenna explained. "Sea nomad fathers give this to their daughters on the day of their birth. It expresses the wish that the daughter may grow healthy and beautiful and always be happy. It's old-fashioned, but a very fond gesture."
Amerri lifted an eyebrow. "Why the heck would someone give that to me? And how do you know?"
"A friend once told me", Ravenna said. Amerri was still curious, but she knew very well when Ravenna would not tell anymore. So instead, she hummed a song and enjoyed the sight of her flowers.
Ravenna looked upon Amerri and the flowers. A polite gesture... and a very nice gesture. Valentine's Day and flowers, yes, that was cheesy, but it was honest. Considering that love had many faces... the deep caring she had for Amerri - a kind of love. Amerri's utter acceptance of Ravenna's moodiness and silence about some things and her constant attempts to make Ravenna smile - a kind of love. The innocent little teeny crush that Amerri had with Thomas - a kind of love. The mutual understanding and trust she shared with Aguanin - even this friendship, as un-mandatory as it was, was a kind of love. Love had many faces, and even now, after all the shit that had happened, a few of those faces had their views upon Ravenna.
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