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I feel like I only write journals when I'm telling that I won't be there for some time... anyway, I won't be there for some time, folks. Sorry for that, but I finally made it to my dream university in my favourite city on earth, and while all this is great and I'm kinda overwhelmed by how lucky I am, it's also quite a bit of work. I need to find a new apartment to stay, I need to regulate my finances, I need to figure out how university life works.
Currently I'm staying at a little hostel, and while I do have internet here, I honestly cannot bring up the time to do things for Deviantart. I know, some people are waiting for me to fulfill their requests, and I will do so - just not now. (Also, Arrelline, my friend - what's going with my request? ;) Haven't heard of you in a while, hope you're alright.)
I try to be here now and then, so we can still communicate. Which we should because I plan to revive my FPK story around Thanael finally, before it has anniversary of one year break this christmas. Therefore, I'll try to arrange with other people who still care about the FPK existing. (I do.)
I hope to have a new home soon, then I'll upload pictures again and stuff. Until then, wish me luck.
Hello to all my friends out here! Hello especially to Arrelline, it's a shame we have not heard of each other in, well, a WHILE. And shamely, it will stay like this quite for a while...

I'm in a hospital right now, only home at some weekends, and in the clinic I am not allowed to have my laptop and there is no internet. I will be there for two more months, so I'll have seldom the possibilty to make new pictures, not to talk of uploading them here. So, the contact to you guys is low which is not great. I miss it to babble with you, about fashion, about OCs, all the stuff.

I will upload a few things this weekend though, finally (!) my first Heroic Academy story for Ondine, it's about time. A lot has happened, it would seem, I had about 1800 notifications... Further, what is about FPK? Has that died out? Please not... I had no further possibilities to bring my Thanael story on. His further way depends on how the war goes on, how Ardaigh and Queen Abrienne will go on. And if msbrit90 brings any more ideas for my inspiration, after all it's also her Iris' story.
PLEASE, guys, PLEASE let's go on with the FPK. Let's not have it dying out. It still is a great thing, and I still wish for the stories to go on. Just because I cannot bring some right now, not everyone should stop it.

If I have enough time, I'll participate in one or two of the current contests. If not, feel all greeted and hugged and and and... hope y'all are fine, and make some more fantastic pics so I have something to look at when I'm here now and then. Bye!
Writing again excessively, as I tend to do sometimes, and this time I'm going to work with a lot of things I planned to do for quite a bit of time. I'm going to work with many FPK characters, and the story is almost completely written. But I don't want to ask for every character's owner's permission singular, so please everyone I mention should give me a short "okay" or "no way".
Here we go:

funnies50: We'd been talking about a healer, and you offered Aredhel, so this scene is done. She seems quite stern now, less sunny than she looks in your pic, but it's also a difficult situation, so her mood is just appropriate. But before this goes, I'd like to give Thanael a short talk with Queen Abrienne about the threatening war. Would that be fine?

Candy-Cane-xo: There will be a bit with Ravenna again, less drastic this time, but she will seem quite a nice friend here, so I'm not sure if you're fine with that... but since it is about Amerri... pleeeaaase?

impossiblegirl2003: I'd like Thanael to meet his sisters at the FPK court. So, how about that? Would you like to tell me how they look currently, which names they took, which roles they play? (And may I set them on Carlotta if she's beasty again?)

Storylady35: You know what you mentioned once about Carlotta would like to damage Thanael's relationship to Iris? I'd like to take the thought again, because, well, I like Carlotta when she's beasty. Or do you still want to write a scene like that yourself?

CarlottaStudios: We had a chat about Selina's suspicion about Thanael some time ago, and I've finally written down a chance for Selina to find out a bit more. (I'd like to have some more info about Selina's people, though... but the thing is written in the main.) Only, it would be just something minor since there's a lot more in the story, Selina would stay at the edge. If you don't mind?

whitewolfdreamer27: As you know meanwhile, Thanael is spy for King Cold himself - and the King gets to know how his spy is doing and is not... very amused. He's only in a short scene in my story and afterwards gives a cruel assignment to kill someone (not Thanael) to teach his distracted servant a lesson. Is that something you can live with?

And, last but definitely NOT least:

msbrit90: I'm always writing stories around Thanael and your lovely Iris, and I actually barely ask for your approval. Sorry for that. I really love this couple I just started out of fun, and there's still a lot of potential, so I'd like to keep on writing. If I may?
Dear members of the FPK group,

some of you might know that I'm writing pretty much of story for my characters - only, I don't really love to invent a row of meaningless minors. I'd rather prefer to let my OCs interact with those of others. So, now I'm looking for someone again: I do NOT ask you to make up another character (because I already have barely the oversight about the existing group; we must have around 100 characters).
But we have lots of telepaths, a row of people who can see the future, people who can manipulate thoughts, people with powers of dark magic and magic of ice and fire and nature and and and...

Is there any character (an already existing one!) with healing abilities? I've been looking for some "doctor", preferably someone who can hold silence, preferably someone who is not exactly bound to one of the rulers by strict loyalty so would not speak about everything with the next king / queen / empress. I know there are some pretty strong magical gifted, but f. e. Lady Lace would go into action if she knew some things. I need someone who can be a good or evil person but wouldn't act rightaway. One of the oracles maybe? Or the god-blessed moon elf? Anyone?
Hello, dear members of FPK and Rothere,

First things first, I'm back. Not continuous yet, but sometimes I have internet. Yay! Who missed me?
Alright, let's get down to business:

My character Aguanin has gathered a guerilla squad of five men to attack Aquamarine, the home of Merprincess Thalassa, currently reigned by King Marsious (both Thalassa and Marsious are characters of LaSerenity). Only, right now I'm so far with my story that I need to define those five men. So I want anyone who is interested to design a (male) soldier for my squad.
A few things to note:

- at least one of them should be a rather friendly young man (I have plans with him... Hmm. Evil plotting in progress. )
- they all should have learned to fight and also to kill, whether they like it or not
- since it's Aguanin's squad, he'll be in command over them, and I'll allow myself to write stories with the five of them
- I'd like a bit of diversity, a few white-skinned black-eyed Rotherans, a few humans - be creative!
- they all got into the squad during the Demon Princess Aquixun - so you should tell me the reason =>

Aquixun (also a character of LaSerenity) seals contracts with people who have a wish - people with an unreached love or a lost family, people who always lived in poverty, people who wish for special abilities or for things to happen... she forfills every wish, but only for some time. And when that time is over, those who sealed the contract pay with their souls.
Due to her deal with Aguanin, those five men will get their souls back because they go to battle. It is a chance only few of her souls get. And when I get to see the new soldiers, I'm curious why they sold their souls anyway.

So, who would like to give it a try - I'm looking forward to see your drafts!
I'm moving into my own little flat soon. Where I have no internet yet... So I'll be probably offline for a few weeks. Well, screw it. Today I upload all my ready stories and pics with a version of each FPK and Rothere character except for the wisps. I just have not the programme to make the wisps' skin paint, so...

Oh, btw, I am quite glad that the numbers aligned a bit (according to my newest info):

FPK – 25 females, 19 males –––> 44 people at all

Rothere – 17 females, 10 males –––> 27 people at all

To clarify that: I counted Winona to the Rotherans, but Thanael, Adam and Carlotta to the FPKs because I went with the residence place, not with the loyalty. Only the Oracle I could not count to one of them, so it's two more women. Also, of the Koldarian Oracle I made no version yet... I'll make a draft in my internet-free time.

all together – 44 females, 29 males –––> 73 people at all

Look at the pics, like them or hate them, tell me what you think of what I've made with your characters – and don't be angry when I don't answer immediately; I'll have a lot to do before I can care about my new internet connection. Wish me luck, I'm right now starting into adult life... and I'm dying from nervousness!

msbrit90 made a meme for the authors of the FPK members.


First things first, what’s your name?

Anna, I guess we already have that... hello there to impossiblegirl2003!

Who are your characters in this FPK universe?

Minister Thanael, the ever-flattering spy, and Aguanin aka Mr Tentacles... why the heck did I create two males? And both not exactly nice. I need to talk to Sigmund Freud.

How old are you?

I'll turn 21 in October. Hey, we already had this, too - greetings to GingerDancer. btw, why do all the younger members think they would be treated different when they tell their age? It only made me think once: "Alright, that explains the orthography" ...I am so mean. Sorry for that.

How old are your characters?

Thanael is 28 years old, Aguanin a bit older... cannot say. Since he is the father of a vaguely late teen (tomanyOCs, how old is Amerri?), he would be in the middle 30s, but I'm not too sure.

How long have you been on DeviantArt?

Around a year, more or less.

Share a link to the first thing you ever uploaded to DA.

Venetian ball gowns by Eolewyn1010 I think it's this one, but I uploaded some pics at that day...

Do you have a job or are you in school? Or neither.

I will start in September... eh, this concept does not seem to exist in English. Occupation schooling should be a synonyme. I will learn to be a baker and confectioner.

What’s your favourite colour?

I love dark colours, dark blue and dark red, but also a dark velvet green.

What’s your favourite book or movie?

I love the "Discworld" books of Terry Pratchett (may he rest in peace), also the "Song of Ice and Fire" series of George R. R. Martin. Movie? No idea. I love Disney movies and old fairytale movies, as much as Star Trek movies or simply "Sherlock Holmes" from 2009. I watch a damn lot of movies, so I could not decide.

Do you have any pets?

No. I've had a rabbit, two guinea pigs, a cat, but that's been already some years ago. And since I'll move to a 1-room-apartment soon, I won't have a pet in the next time.

Favourite Disney Princess (and if you don't like Disney Princesses then favourite animated character.)

My favorite Disney... oh no, that's mean! Each one of them has her traits and qualities. I love Mulan, she's a kickass, but also Belle because she's such a great personality, open to an unusual relationship. Megara is cool because she's such a cynic, Merida because she is just so natural. And Esmeralda, sexy confident Esmeralda for all times... oh, please, Disney made so many great characters! Don't tell me to choose!

How did you hear about The Fancy Pants Kingdom?

Someone I was watching had some of this pics, so I read into the group concept and remade a few other people's characters in new costumes, prompting group members to encourage me to join as well - so I invented my OC.

Is the Fancy Pants Kingdom awesome!?

To be honest, it is more than this. I've been writing my whole life, short stories, longer stories - until last year. Since then I was blocked - and now, all of a sudden, I can write again, and it's still fun, and people still like my writing - and that means so incredibly much to me! I mean, it's not what the FPK group is for in the main, but not writing was a hell to me. And now I'm done with the blockade, and I that this also to the group and the work with other people's characters.

Now, there are those questions going around in the FPK, started by whitewolfdreamer27, to get to know each other in the kingom better. Totally optional, but a good idea since I would like to give my character more interaction with the other's. I've decided to do the version of AngelOfBeauty88 since there are more questions to answer.

But when I give information about my FPK character, my Rotheran should be presented as well... to mention him (since I'm sure not everyone noticed him so far), I'm talking about this tentacled mister.

1. What is your name and title?
Aguanin, and I don't have nor need such a stupid thing as a title.

2. Are there any nicknames you like to go by?
No. Unless Lira has thought off something mean for me... that seems like something she would totally do.

3. Did you come here from a different kingdom? If so, what was it called?
Other kingdom? Are there even any others outside of Rothere that deserve to be called 'kingdom'? But since I live in a symbiosis with a kraken, I live most time in the oceanic part of Rothere.

4. Do you have any special powers or abilities?
Due to my symbiont, I've grown very strong and fast. Of course I'm my best at swimming. I have formed gills, so diving for hours is not a problem, also I can see pretty good under water... and tentacles are not exactly the worst weapon.

5. Do you have a love interest?
No. I've lost my wife, and since then, I have no more interest in finding love. It weakens and distracts from my goals.

6. Do you have any enemies?
My enemies are the slavers who came back then to abduct my wife and my unborn child within her! And who made it possible that they could come over the ocean? Princess Thalassa! She integrated the trading relationships between the continents, so I will make her pay as well!

7. What is your favorite pastime?
There is barely some pastime left when I'm hunting fish, discovering the ocean's depths, do my jobs for Empress Ashling, like talking to the informer in the FPK, and training for the war. When I actually have free time to spend, I am to find at the darkest bottom of the sea, meditating. It's the only thing that keeps me from outrage.

8. Are there any traditions or customs you brought with you from your homeland?
Actually, I loose my bond to my home traditions more and more. I get more of a sea being with every year passing by, and I hope to finally gain oblivion.

9. Do you have a 'signature style'?
Eight tentacles and a dressing made from seaweed, that's not exactly what I would call a style.

10. Do you have any friends?
When I was young, I was good friends with Lira who is meanwhile a Priestess of Chaos. I still like her, but the bond we had is gone, perhaps through my bitterness. Someone I regulary talk with is Thanael Dairhonnar, but I would not call him a friend, more of an ally.

11. Do you have any family?
Years after my wife has been abducted and sold into slavery, I got news that convinced me of her death. Only, I don't know what became of the child. Sometimes I get an idea that he or she might come home someday so I could meet my son or my daughter, but it's just a stupid dream of a better time.

12. Do you have a special wish or a dream?
I wish to partner up with the Demon Princess Aquixun for she is the only one powerful enough to eventually destroy Merprincess Thalassa and her realm.

13. Do you like being a part of Rothere?
I liked it earlier, when I still had a life. Today, it's merely left for purpose since I still need other Rotherans to start the war and eventually take my revenge.

14. Can you share anything else?
As I'm getting older, I've actually started to have hallucinations - once I've seen this Rotheran girl, Ravenna, whom they have banned into the Outlands, and she was accompanied of a girl with white braids and black eyes. A girl who looked just as sweet as my wife did when she was young. This stupid illusions only assure me that I will never grow over what has happened.

(my bonus question) Do you have a motto for your life or your job?
Never cling to hope. Cling to anger, for there will always be reason enough for anger.

The Rotheran court consists of:

Evil Eyes Empress Ashling and Altice – funnies50

Snowflake King Cold – whitewolfdreamer27

Black Rose Countess Lucilla – visenyatargaryen12

Devilish Lucas – 1999317

jsenn the beloved Ravenna – Candy-Cane-xo

Flame Priestess of Chaos – Arrelline

The Devil Princess Demon – LaSerenity

Mwahahahahahahaha! Jezzebelle, Marquise of Mayhem – msbrit90

Innocent Amerri – tomanyOCs

Clone Shadow and Scarlet, the Shifters Sisters – impossiblegirl2003

Bullet; Black Aguanin – me
Super creative title for the win...
Now, there are those questions going around in the FPK, started by whitewolfdreamer27, to get to know each other in the kingom better. Totally optional, but a good idea since I would like to give my character more interaction with the other's. I've decided to do the version of AngelOfBeauty88 since there are more questions to answer.

To citate a spy colleague: Due to the job of my character, these are informations for the people in the group, not for the FPK characters - everyone needs his little secrets. And Thanael would never, ever show such conflicted, sorrowful thoughts to someone around him like he shows them here; his way is to smile charmingly and lie down the blue from the sky.

1. What is your name and title?
My name is Thanael Dairhonnar, and meanwhile, I keep the title "Minister of Treasury". At home, I am simply "the informer".

2. Are there any nicknames you like to go by?
LIKE to go by - no! Yet, my sisters use to call me "Thanny" when they want to infuriate me.

3. Did you come here from a different kingdom? If so, what was it called?
I come from the kingdom of Rothere where I was serving King Tiberius Koldar rather than Empess Ashling. It's a dark place with few laws, it's hazardous and barbaric - but hey, it's home. And I do love my home country.

4. Do you have any special powers or abilities?
Not exactly. When the magic was allocated in our family, my sisters got a big piece of cake. Due to my tattoos, I have streghtened my very little bit of natural magic, though, giving me the ability to become a kind of 'invisible'. It does not make me disappear, it just shifts me out of the cognition of the persons around me so they don't take note of my existence anymore. Problem is, it works only under greatest pressure - and even then only for a short time, a few minutes, no more.
It's quite a problem since I've always learned to use my mind, to play with numbers, but never to fight a physical combat.

5. Do you have a love interest?
Indeed, the beautiful Countess of Colours, Iris Callidora, has grown to be very special to me. I cannot say I love her since I do not know her very well yet, but I definitely prefer her company over that of any others at the court. She is a lovely person, a great beauty and definitely always ready for a quick-witted answer.

6. Do you have any enemies?
Well, of course the FancyPants Kingdom is my enemy. It makes sense because it is my king's enemy. But I do not hold a personal grudge against one of them.

7. What is your favorite pastime?
I love to travel - to see any places in the world, the great miracles that time formed. That's why I chose the job as a treasurer at the court. The business with money and trade brings me to any imaginable place. When I'm home, I prefer to read or to take a calm walk in the surroundings. Preferably in rain and thunder... well, everyone has his quirks.

8. Are there any traditions or customs you brought with you from your homeland?
I've just made the mistake to come to a wedding all in black, as a Rotheran would do... stupid idea. Of course I usually cover up any stains of my home, so I'm not living my traditions right now.

9. Do you have a 'signature style'?
Long sleeves, long trousers, high collar - I always do my best to hide even the last inch of my skin. No one should get to see my tattoos. Since I am a Rotheran, I prefer dark colours, especially dark blue or a very deep plum shade, but I got used to the fancy style of the kingdom, makes people say I'm overdoing it a bit with the opulence of my attire. Also, I have developed a most strange preference for white cloaks.

10. Do you have any friends?
I'm not exactly looking for friends in the FPK court - it's too dangerous to share your life with others. Of course I need all the information I can get about them, but they should not learn too much about me.
Home in Rothere, I did have some good friends, but since I was chosen as a spy, I did not get to see them in a while.

11. Do you have any family?
My sisters, Scarlet and Shadow, used to drive me insane when we were younger. Now that I'm apart of them, I miss them alot - it's a hell for a big brother to not know how his little siblings are doing. I mean, they have their magic and each other, they can get along just fine. But it's such a bitter fact: I will see them again only when the war has started.

12. Do you have a special wish or a dream?
Indeed, I've started to think about the necessity of the war my rulers want to start. I would like to return to Rothere, just like it is, since I have nothing to revenge. And I want a certain Lady to come with me so I can introduce her to my family and then travel around the world with her.

13. Do you like being a part of the FancyPants Kingdom?
Cannot say it's not a lovely place. But on the one hand, I'll never be really part of it, and on the other, they would totally throw me out if I'd stop to play my role.

14. Can you share anything else?
...I hate telepaths. They make my life complicated. And that, Lady Lirelanta, is the reason why we have never spoken!

(my bonus question) Do you have a motto for your life or your job?
You want something to be hidden perfectly? Make sure everyone can see it.

The FancyPants Kingdom consists of:

:bowtome: Ruffle Queen – funnies50

* Lady Lace – 1999317

Fear the katana! Royal Ruffleguard – GingerDancer

Juggle Bejeweled Jester – impossiblegirl2003

Flowers Petal Princess – whitewolfdreamer27

Bullet; White Pearl Princess – bigpinkbow197

Rose Aurelia Rose – visenyatargaryen12

Rainbowmote Countess of Colour – msbrit90

Star-Green-Pixel Dragon Damsel – CarlottaStudios

Liquisoft Blue Sheen – Arrelline

:butterfly: (Butterfly) Lady Butterfly – Candy-Cane-xo

:lozemptyheartcontainer: Magical Mage – tomanyOCs

Fish Merprincess Thalassa – LaSerenity

Donut bullet 3 Desert Rose – AngelOfBeauty88

Cresent Moon Emoji Witch Celeste – DisneyFlower

Wizard Hat, complete with Wizard Fire! Poof! Witch of Wonders – rebelraven18

Unimpressed Thanael, the treasurer – me

Ninja Plot! Carlotta, the spy – Storylady35

Rainbow Blank Bumblebee Regent Raina – momo5522

.:Tiny flower:. Dainty Duchess – MoonQueen97

Floating Priestess Chavvah – xxZyraxx

Bullet; Pink Maiden of Purity – GiaChipettes

Bullet; Purple Kalei, the Eagle Maiden – FlyingFreedom13

Bullet; Green Marchioness Mallory – DarkQueen013
Some time earlier, M-Mannering made a challenge over 15 days.
AngelOfBeauty88 expanded the idea to 30 days. She did this back in march, but when I found the challenge, I thought it was interesting enough to try it myself, even if it's some time after the challenge was current.

The idea is: picture your OC in 30 different ways, use a doll maker, upload 1 picture each day.
Anyone who is interested can find my works here:

1. introduction
2. cosplay
3. genderbend version
4. in a different doll maker
5. as a mythical creature
6. as an animal
7. in formal wear
8. dressed as another OC
9. with me
10. with love interest
11. with weapon of choice
12. with Disney look-alike
13. in Hogwarts uniform
14. in an ATLA outift
15. opposite side (good to evil, evil to good)
16. time period
17. patriotism
18. night clothes
19. video game
20. colour
21. elemental
22. Superhero
23. Supervillain
24. royalty
25. singing idol
26. fairytale a / fairytale b
27. with rival
28. as a Pokemon
29. divinity
30. wedding

UPDATE 18.08.2015: And I'm done! Was fun, some were a bit difficult though. Great challenge, I can recommend it.
I just signed in here to comment pictures I love, I'm not a real artist on my own... at least I cannot draw very well. So, I think I'll upload a few of my dolldivine-creations. Nothing more to say for the moment ^^