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Thanael at Kalei's birthday by Eolewyn1010 Thanael at Kalei's birthday :iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 10 23
Mature content
Gonsalvus story, chapter 2 - First Night :iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 3 2
FPK - Long live the queen!
Kalei and Thanael stood somewhere in the crowd, talking while they waited for Ardaigh to arrive. "How does it feel to meet your new landsmen?", Kalei asked with a smile.
Thanael looked at the Rosellians around and lifted an eyebrow. "I think they are less impressed. Besides, it was the country who took me in, not the people. Not sure if I need to meet my new landsmen..."
Kalei rolled her eyes. "You should really make some friends, you know that?"
"I like to think Ardaigh is my friend", Thanael replied. "And that you might consider me a friend of yours."
He grinned as he knew Kalei would object immediately. "I'm not your friend. I... tolerate you", she told him and tried to put on a snooty face.
Thanael looked as innocent as he could. "And I value this very highly."
They both laughed. Then the murmuring around them ceased, and both of them put their attention on the opening door.
Ardaigh stepped into the hall, dressed in a purple gown with a skirt of thousands of pink roses. She tried a
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bringing back Lucilla by Eolewyn1010 bringing back Lucilla :iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 18 14
FPK - Brought back by the mismatched team
"So... basically, King Cold wants you back, or he won't sign up for peace", I closed my report.
Lucilla opened her mouth to say something, but Count Viserys laughed sharply. "Now that he's lost everything, he thinks he can claim her back?"
Lady Aurelia frowned at her relative while she served me and Thanael each a cup of tea. "It was never his to claim her", she noted. "You took Lucilla away by force."
"So, is he alright?", Lucilla asked, not minding her father nor Aurelia.
I shrugged, looking to Thanael for help – I had no idea how King Cold was. Upset about his lost war probably?
"We have not seen him, mylady, but as long as he still can make demands, I'm sure he's still the good old tyrant we all know and loathe", Thanael told her merrily. I laughed, Lucilla not so much.
"So you work for the Petal Princess now", she said, looking at Thanael incontently. "You really are a traitor after all."
"That's exactly what I am", Thanael could barely have cared less. "Didn't
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coronation - Thanael and Kalei by Eolewyn1010 coronation - Thanael and Kalei :iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 23 18
Mature content
Gonsalvus story, chapter 1 - Wedding :iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 3 0
Lunar Chronicles - for LittleArtistMickey by Eolewyn1010 Lunar Chronicles - for LittleArtistMickey :iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 45 32
FPK - A mismatched team on the Road
I glared at Thanael. We were riding what, an hour now? And he was so close to driving me insane! Where did he take that obtrusively good mood from? Why couldn't he just shut up? No, he had to sing...
"We're off to seek the Countess, the beautiful Countess of cold,
we're off to seek the Countess, with hair and eyes of gold,
because, because, because, because, because...
because of a command that we were told,
we're searching the Countess of cold!"
"Oh, please, stop it finally!", I requested, somewhat exhausted.
Thanael grinned, but he stopped singing. "Does mylady not appreciate music?", he inquired.
"I don't appreciate being called 'mylady', that's for sure", I told him.
He shook his head. "Why is everyone so insulted by being addressed with a proper title? Someone once told me it was courtesy, but it seems to be an offense." Hurrying his horse, he rode up next to me. "Besides that, you'd like it far less if I called you simply by your name. So, tell
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Elizabethan Maiden - for kaybay2323 by Eolewyn1010 Elizabethan Maiden - for kaybay2323 :iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 29 24 a mismatched team on the road by Eolewyn1010 a mismatched team on the road :iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 25 20
FPK - Investigation of a mismatched team
Kalei looked up from her maps and got up on her feet when she heard them coming. She was tense to stand before the traitor once again. The door opened and Queen Lacriel marched into the library, Thanael following her. Prison and war had not done well on him. His eyes were lined by dark circles in a pale, thin face, his bare feet and the too wide shirt hanging loosely around his ribs gave an idea of how much weight he had lost. But he stood there all calm and unimpressed, giving Kalei a short nod for greeting.
Kalei rightaway ignored him and smiled at the Queen instead. "Don't worry, Kalei", Lacriel said. "He will behave."
A glare over to Thanael who confirmed dryly: "Of course I will behave, I'm not a savage."
Lacriel smiled on that. "We shall see. If you are, you'll go back to your cage. Kalei, I rely on you. One word, and I'll free you from his company", she promised. Kalei nodded, somewhat relieved. Lacriel knew she was telepathic; she would not make her endure Thanael's cruelty eve
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FPK - The Price of Loyalty
You'd think it would be harder, sneaking down to the cells, but it isn't. Then again, that may be because currently I'm a rat. I had to get down there, I had to see him.
It had been a few days since my brother was dragged from his trial screaming, and I could barely contain my shock. I had to find out what was going on with him. I've already lost one sibling to their own toxic thoughts, like hell was I going to loose another.
Getting in may have been easy, but finding him was easier. I simply followed the singing. Which led me to a cell with a guard posted outside of it. I would have to temporally distract him, after all if all went as planned, we couldn't have a guard turning around and seeing a prisoner talking to a rat. It wouldn't take long for someone to connect two and two. If we were lucky, they would think him crazy, if not, I would probably have a trial of my own.
Before I can think clearly and stop myself, I scurry over to another cell and open the door with a
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meeting the traitor by Eolewyn1010 meeting the traitor :iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 15 16
I'm fine
I'm somewhat blocked, in writing my stories.
I'm kinda blocked, in talking out my mind.
I'm a bit blocked, in saying what's the problem.
I'm fine.
I'm sad, that's true, a little bit.
I'm sad because I feel so alone.
I'm sad and cannot help it quite.
I'm fine, I'm fine.
I'm helpless, there's nothing I can do
to change something about my condition.
I'm helpless, I simply do not know
how to say "let's be friends, let's hang out".
I'm helpless because I never really learned
how to end loneliness.
No, actually I'm fine.
I'm crying because it's like no one likes me.
I'm crying because I feel like I'm no part of anything.
I'm crying because it's so awful to be the "outsider" ever again.
Huh? No, I'm not crying! I'm fine.
I'm lonely for I may be nice
but maybe still not nice enough?
I'm lonely for in all this time
I did not quite get through to them.
I'm lonely for I still think it this way,
there's "me" and there's "them" - where's my "us"?
But hey, I like it calm and quiet. I'm fine.
I'm nee
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friend I have never met by Eolewyn1010 friend I have never met :iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 36 24


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Thanael at Kalei's birthday
made at…

Thanael comes to Kalei's birthday party, on invitation of FlyingFreedom13, and brings for a present... flowers??

Me: You serious, man? There's nothing more unimaginative!
Thanael: It's a traditional birtday gift. Show me one woman who doesn't like flowers at all!
Me: sister.
Thanael: Your sis has allergies, doesn't count! What's the problem?
Me: It's unpersonal!
Thanael: That's why I have this here to add.
Me: o.ô Pipes?
Thanael: They can imitate bird's singing. Kalei has bird friends. That's personal, isn't it?
Me: Eagles, dude. Eagles don't freaking sing! They shriek! Can the pipes imitate eagles?
Thanael: Eagles sound freaky. Stop being a pain, woman. Happy birthday, Kalei!
Quick update note: I've been sick for about a week, and I have to catch up on DeviantArt. I'll take a day or two to answer comments and some notes (very sorry on that, whitewolfdreamer27) and get back into business again. Please don't be pissed because I've let some things hang in mid-air, I'll do my best to have everything back on course soon. See ya / read ya!
Quick update note: I've been sick for about a week, and I have to catch up on DeviantArt. I'll take a day or two to answer comments and some notes (very sorry on that, whitewolfdreamer27) and get back into business again. Please don't be pissed because I've let some things hang in mid-air, I'll do my best to have everything back on course soon. See ya / read ya!


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I've moved to Berlin and am studying history and archaeology right now. Hope I'll go to dig in some country's old sands and find an old tomb of don't-know-yet-whom. Guess I'll write a book about it then... I love writing, even though it's a quite seasonal thing with me. Long phase of writing is always followed by a long phase of blockade eventually. I am more of a singer than an artist, so I have less to show here than the most of you. But hey, I'll give my very best! At using doll makers... ah well. I just cannot draw. A few years from now, I shall be an even nerdier little archaelogeek with some examina and still not life-proficient. I have my head somewhere between clouds and books and pretty old artefacts...


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